• Case Sharing | Jetion Helps Wuzhou Vocational College Construct the Wireless Training Classroom
    May 29, 2020 Case Sharing | Jetion Helps Wuzhou Vocational College Construct the Wireless Training Classroom
    On May 29th, in order to further improve the informatization teaching ability of vocational school teachers and promote the integration and innovation of information technology and training education and teaching, Jetion Wireless Training Classroom introduced into Wuzhou Vocational College. Compared to primary and secondary education, vocational schools may be relatively new to many people. It is this precisely unfamiliarity that adds to the mystique of vocational education. Through two profound contents in simply interactive training sessions, the teachers quickly mastered the specific application skills of the Jetion Wireless Interactive Training System in the training room. The traditional difficult dual obstacles of onlooking teaching and repeated demonstration no longer exist in the wireless training classroom, and practical teaching functions such as one-click recording, real-time display of detailed processes, and comparative teaching efficiently assist teachers to provide real-time guidance to students' training. We believe that in the future, Jetion Wireless Training Classroom can bring more surprises and confidence to teachers and contribute to the cultivation of outstanding technical talents in the country.
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  • See How This School in Inner Mongolia Easily Achieves a Fully Interactive Classroom!
    June 11, 2020 See How This School in Inner Mongolia Easily Achieves a Fully Interactive Classroom!
    Hangjinqi Experimental Primary School, located in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was founded in 1950 with a long history. It is the earliest and largest complete primary school in Hangjinqi, and it is also a national school for inheriting outstanding Chinese culture and art among primary and secondary schools. On June 11, 2020, Jetion full interactive classroom introduced into Hangjinqi Experimental Primary School, helping to create a new teaching mode of "group cooperative learning". More than 40 teachers gathered together and actively participated in the training In the training of fully interactive smart classroom, teachers felt the convenience of new technology for various subjects, and the new generation of group cooperative learning teaching mode has been unanimously recognized by teachers. All kinds of quick and practical functions of the system, such as quick answer to the screen will energize each student to share their results, and classroom tests will convert the real-time paper questions into learning data, testing the students' knowledge and providing targeted explanations, etc. As well as multi-dimensional analysis through backstage big data after-class, efficiently assists teachers in teaching and reduces their teaching burden. At the training site, teachers were freely grouped, simulating the class environment of group cooperation and interactive learning and practical teaching. The user-friendly design of the system is simple and easy to use, teachers quickly mastered and engaged in the classroom. Jetion fully interactive classroom provides technical possibilities and convenience for teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction and human-environment interaction in classroom teaching, without changing the traditional teaching and learning style and establishing a new mode of student-centered cooperative group learning. It must be a beautiful "encounter" when the traditional classroom meets information technology. Expecting that in the future, Jetion fully interactive classroom will grow together with the teachers and students of Hangjinqi Experimental Primary School.
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  • What does the Jetion 5G Wireless Recording and Broadcasting Training Room Look Like?
    June 22, 2020 What does the Jetion 5G Wireless Recording and Broadcasting Training Room Look Like?
    On January 24, 2019, State Council issued the Notice on the Implementation Plan of National Vocational Education Reform (GF [2019] No. 4), which put forward specific indicators: by 2022, the teaching conditions of vocational colleges will basically meet the standards; 300 high-level specialized industry-education integration training bases will be built with radiation and leadership; practical teaching hours in vocational colleges and universities will, in principle, account for more than half of the total number of hours, and the duration of internship is generally 6 months; "Double-qualified" teachers account for more than half of the total number of speciality teachers. Vocational education continues to be an important strategy for improving the development of innovative talent. Due to the influence of various subjective and objective factors such as teaching environment and faculty conditions, there remains many deficiencies in the current training education in China. The disadvantages of traditional training room teaching are as follows: 1. Onlooker teaching, teaching while watching, focusing on theory rather than practice 2. Repetitive demonstration process, inefficient and burdensome for teachers 3. Separation of theory and practice, low teaching effect 4. No teaching outcome resources to capture the learning situation of students How to effectively informatize the training room? How to effectively improve the value of the training room and enhance the effectiveness of talent training? What Has Been Changed by Jetion 5G Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting Training Rooms System? 1. Process demonstration, solving onlooker teaching 2. Detail recording, no more repeat demonstrations, improve efficiency 3. Multi-channel recording and accumulation of teaching resources 4. 5G transmission, ultra-clear picture quality with fast speed 5. Interactive teaching, improving the quality of training teaching 6. Wireless Deployment, helping the rapid coverage of the training base System Advantages 5G Video Transmission Using 5G wireless video transmission, display and recording images is faster and smoother. Simultaneous Recording of 8 to 48 Channels Clearly record the operation process of students in each channel, support 8 to 48 channels of simultaneous recording. Detailed Process Demonstration Teachers can display the whole process of details to the big screen through the interactive terminal, and students can watch it in real time to solve the problem of onlooker teaching. Multi-group Arbitrary Retrieval Teachers can retrieve any student's live video to display on the screen, and students can comment and interact with each other. Record Video Playback Teacher's demonstration teaching video can be replayed for many times, so that students can understand and learn thoroughly. The teacher can also play back the operation video of each student, conduct lectures and reviews to reinforce the teaching effect. System Features Easy to Use System No complex...
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  • Why Should Primary and Secondary Schools Realize
    June 24, 2020 Why Should Primary and Secondary Schools Realize "Group Cooperative Learning"?
    Cooperative group learning is one of the most effective teaching strategies available, in line with the concept of cooperative learning and inquiry advocated by the new curriculum reform, also increasingly present in classroom teaching. Many classes seem more active, to "combine" and combine, but without "effect"!  the effect is not significant. Have teachers ever experienced such a scenario: Repeated orders in classroom discipline Students keeps noisy No one answer the question Afraid of the sudden silence Many teachers exclaimed out loud What if the classroom atmosphere is awkward and inactive? How to enable students to achieve autonomous learning in class? How can group cooperative learning really take place  effectively? Let's take a look at how Zhoujiaquan Primary School in Xining, Qinghai, which advocates smart education, uses a novel teaching system for "group cooperative learning"! In order to enable students to achieve balanced development, quickly learn the Jetion Fully Interactive Smart Classroom System, integrate products with teaching, and truly realize student-centered smart classroom, on-site application training was conducted. Jetion Fully Interactive Classroom forges an innovative teaching mode of student-centered group cooperative learning, and increases the interaction between teachers and students and students through various practical interactive links such as video interaction, question answering interaction and classroom tests, stimulate students' desire to share and creativity, giving the domination in class to students to interact and discuss with each other and collide with new sparks. More than 40 teachers gathered together and divided into different groups for on-site training. Teachers actively cooperated during the training and the atmosphere was relaxed, and therefore they quickly mastered the essentials of using the system. With the big data collection and analysis in the background, teachers can keep track of students' learning progress instantly, conduct targeted explanation, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. On-site lecturers set up interactive demonstration sessions to familiarize teachers with the operations and make better apply to the actual teaching. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, the development potential of Fully Interactive Smart Classroom is immeasurable. It is our goal to realize the normal application of intelligent teaching platform and the interactive intelligent classroom with everyone's participation. Jetion will also continue to work hard to provide simple, useful and efficient smart classroom application products for front-line teachers.
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  • This Is What the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Experiment Examination Should Look Like!
    June 30, 2020 This Is What the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Experiment Examination Should Look Like!
    Experimental teaching is an important teaching content stipulated by the national curriculum plan and curriculum standards, and an important way to cultivate innovative talents. Recently, Retion with the Physical, Chemistry and Biological Wireless Examination System appeared in the Senior High School Entrance Examination which is held by The Inner Mongolia Xing’an Meng Experimental Middle School. The system is portable and movable, and the existing laboratory will be deployed as the examination room for the Senior High School Entrance Examination in 10 minutes. At the training site, the technical director of Jetion introduced the 5G Wireless Experimental Examination System thoroughly to the leaders and experts present. The smooth and stable video recording, quick and easy installation and deployment have been unanimously recognized by the leaders! For a long time, the basic scoring mode adopted by the provinces and cities of the experimental operation examination is on-site scoring and invigilating by single and double teachers. If 10,000 examinees need to be invigilated, it will require around 2000-5000 teachers who are familiar with experimental operation. Many places can not meet such requirements at present, and it costs a lot of manpower. During the investigation, we also found that many experimental systems on the market need to carry out cumbersome engineering transformation such as equipment replacement and wiring of existing laboratories in schools. Some schools have just built new laboratories and have to replace them for examinations, which is a huge budget investment and a waste of resources. Jetion developed a 5G Wireless Experimental Examination System for physics, chemistry and biology in the Senior High School Entrance Examination in accordance with the actual situation of the industry and the requirements of the policy. The system uses 5G wireless connection, no need to upgrade, compatible with all kinds of discipline laboratories, ready to deploy for examination. 24-channel to 48-channel experimental process is recorded at the same time to meet the recording needs of different disciplines. Video examination paper review reduces the manpower input of invigilators and makes the teacher grading more efficient and easier. The jurisdiction of the city, district, and test center is clear, unified video scoring, reconsideration and arbitration, fairness and justice. Examinee's Test Site On the examination site, the examinee quickly entered the test state, the invigilator will record the whole process of each examinee's experiment details through the laboratory recording system, so that the teacher can invigilate the exam easily. After the examination, leaders and experts mark the examinee's video examination papers together. During the marking process, the whole process of examinee's experimental operation can be seen intuitively, including action, steps, techniques, experimental results at a glance. After the marking, the leaders...
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  • Jetion Smart Classroom Introduced into Wenmiao Street Primary School in Tongwei County
    July 10, 2020 Jetion Smart Classroom Introduced into Wenmiao Street Primary School in Tongwei County
    Education is the great plan of the country and the Party, and the core of realizing China's education modernization and innovative talent output lies with teachers; to further enhance teachers' informatization teaching ability, Retion Smart Classroom application training reached Wenmiao Street Primary School in Tongwei County recently. Founded in 1905, Wenmiao Street Primary School, formerly known as Tongwei County Jinsheng Academy and Shouming Academy, was the first national civilized school. Jetion and Wenmiao Street Primary School work together to create a new generation of smart classroom. The  lecturers at the training site simulated teaching scenarios. Through the wireless interactive visualizers, teachers experienced the teaching effect brought about by real-time man-machine, teacher-student and student-student interaction. The removability, flexibility and interactive features of the system captivated the teachers, who listened intently and recorded the key points, and many of them actively interacted with the Jetion’s lecturers. We also hope that the Smart Classroom System of Jetion can effectively reduce the teaching burden of teachers and improve their teaching efficiency. Jetion will continue to provide new application products for teachers and promote the overall promotion of regional information level.
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  • 48-Channel with 30 Frames/s Technology Wireless Simultaneous Recording --- What Can Recording and Broadcasting System do?
    July 10, 2020 48-Channel with 30 Frames/s Technology Wireless Simultaneous Recording --- What Can Recording and Broadcasting System do?
    With the continuous development of education informatization and the further investment of the state in education, the education market will continue to show a trend of rapid growth. In recent years, the application value of recording and broadcasting system has attracted increasingly attention from education authorities and schools. But in practice, the application of traditional recording and broadcasting system is not so high. The current application status of traditional recording and broadcasting system: 1. Teachers Do Not Know How To Use Many schools have invested a large amount of money and manpower to configure professional recording and broadcasting classrooms. But only a few teachers can use, for it requires a certain level of information technology. 2. The Recording And Broadcasting Classrooms Are Idle At present, most of the schools' recording and broadcasting classrooms are not used on a regular class, and a large number of them are idle and vacant, resulting in a great waste of teaching resources and funds. 3. Unable To Record The Detailed Process Of Students Most of the recording and broadcasting systems on the market can not record the details of each student's desktop operation, and most of them are 6 to 8 channels for large scenes recording and broadcasting. Jetion Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting System breaks the traditional deployment mode of recording and broadcasting, adopts 5G wireless deployment in the whole process, and supports 24-48 channel synchronous recording and playback. No complicated computer operation knowledge is required, one click starts recording and broadcasting. And it can be applied to a wide range of teaching scenarios in combination with a series of teaching systems such as smart classrooms, experimental examination, practical training rooms, calligraphy, makers, art, music, etc. Advantages of Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting System: 1. Wireless Equipment Can Be Deployed Quickly The whole process adopts wireless installation and deployment, which is convenient and quick 2. Simple System Operation The system interface is simple to operate without complex operation knowledge 3. Multi-Channel Detail Recording Support 48-channels detail process simultaneous recording, resource accumulation 4. Multi-Scene Normalized Application Combined with the interactive system in the classroom for normalized application Nowadays, the demand for course recording and classroom data collection in the field of education is gradually increasing. The emergence of Retion Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting System greatly reduces the workload of recording, and it can retain the video process resources of classroom discussion, examination and operation, and thus improve the teaching efficiency of teachers. Jetion will always adhere to the concept of integrating product development and practical application and respecting users, and makes teachers can use, use...
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  • What Kind of Smart Classroom Collects Q&A + Interactive+ Recording and Broadcasting + Error Collection + Big Data?
    July 17, 2020 What Kind of Smart Classroom Collects Q&A + Interactive+ Recording and Broadcasting + Error Collection + Big Data?
    Many teachers encounter this problem: When they are talking at the podium, students are drowsy below, and class questions can only be answered by passive roll call, which makes the whole class dead and dull, and result to an inefficient learning. So how to mobilize students’ learning initiatives? How to reproduce the operation process of each group? How to share students' learning works instantly? How to collect and analyze the learning situation data? How to improve teaching quality effectively? How does a Fully Interactive Smart Classroom enable students to be highly involved in the class? 1. Rich Classroom Interaction Design The students' interest will be stimulated by Project to Answer. The student who gets the authority first, can display his work on the screen automatically. Students can directly see each other's works, which helps to open their mind and enhance the student-to-student interaction. The teacher can capture questions from the test paper or textbook by clicking the button, and the students can take the test instantly. The system will analyze the answers of the students in real time. The right and wrong situation is clear at a glance, and the teacher can give targeted guidance. (Video1) 2. Multi-Channel Simultaneous Recording and Broadcasting to Restore the Discussion Process The system can record the operation and discussion process of each student or group separately, and restore the operation process of students at that time and reproduce it retroactively. 3. Simple and Practical Functions The system is equipped with practical whiteboard tools, which is convenient for teachers to do annotation; with one-click returns to the desktop, teachers do not need to switch frequently in each window. (Video2) 4. Accurate Data Analysis of Learning Situation The system will automatically analyze data based on students' answers, presenting them in multiple dimensions such as the number of answers, the time spent on answering, the number of correct and incorrect answers, and the percentage of correct answers, etc. 5. Error Book of Knowledge Point The system will collect the wrong answers of each group of students, and automatically generate the error book, which can effectively assist teaching and improve the quality of teaching. With various functions such as multi-channel recording and broadcasting, data analysis, classroom check-in, project to answer, group discussion, contrast teaching, micro-lesson recording and other functions that meets the requirements of disciplines and teaching methods, the Fully Interactive Smart Classroom creates an environment suitable for "teaching" and "learning", and forges a new teaching mode. The system integrates 5G wireless video technology and big data analysis technology, making the construction of Smart Interactive Full Recording and Broadcasting Classrooms more possible!
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  • How to Achieve the Desktop Recording of Each Student's Training in Details?
    July 27, 2020 How to Achieve the Desktop Recording of Each Student's Training in Details?
    With the development and advancement of educational informatization, a wide range of recording and broadcasting systems have become increasingly popular among schools. Traditional recording and broadcasting systems use four to five cameras to capture the panorama and close-up of teachers and students. We can find that most of the recording and broadcasting systems on the market mainly focus on the teacher, and students only have a panoramic or face close-up shot, which cannot record the operation process of each student. In class, as long as one of the camera breaks down, the whole class has to be re-recorded. For practical training operation, more attention is paid to each student's operation process steps, rather than a large scene of the whole class. So how to realize the recording and broadcasting of desktop details from the first perspective of each student in the classroom? How to achieve one click recording playback? Retion Wireless Interactive Visualizer Full Recording and Broadcasting System breaks the traditional recording and broadcasting mode, using advanced 5G wireless video networking technology to ensure smooth and stable recording, which can be applied to various skills operation practical training classes. 01 5G Wireless Recording and Broadcasting Interactive Classroom Not only can USB Document Camera realize the daily interactive classroom, carry out the normalized interactive teaching, but also can instantly turn into a recording and broadcasting classroom, and record the process of practical training operation. With the teacher’s terminal, the whole operation teaching process can be recorded and displayed in real time. During the teaching process, the teacher can retrieve any student's practical operation process and show to the whole class and comment in real time. 02 Record the Training Process of Each Student Teachers can also record each student's training and exercise process with one click, and each student’s video will be stored separately in an independent file. During the classroom discussion stage, the teacher can retrieve and playback each student's operation videos on site. Basing on the video, the teacher can realize retrospective discussion and summary evaluation, implement targeted teaching and improve the efficiency of training. 03 Simple and Portable The solution is mainly composed of Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting System for training room, video server and wireless interactive terminal, without recording and broadcasting host, which is simple, portable and fast to install. With the encouragement of national policies and the demand of school teachers for self-improvement, the market of training recording and broadcasting will still be promising in the next three years. New products with new opportunities, Jetion 5G Wireless Training Full Recording and Broadcasting System Solution is not to be missed. Welcome to inquire!
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