• Online Teaching Assistant System
    1. Solution Introduction Retion Online Teaching Assistant System is designed specially for distance learning, online teaching, remote meeting etc. With USB plug and play, 270 degree multi angles presentation, this system helps online teacher to present the course ware, or the demonstration details to online students, could great improve on line teaching efficiency. Portable design of visualizer, is convenient for teacher to make mini lesson before class, so teacher could make repeat play the video in order to avoid the repeat teaching. This system is compatible with popular video apps and streaming platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Facebook live etc. 2. Main Functions 2.1 Physical Display Teacher could real-time display of the courseware or demonstration process on the computer to share with online students. 2.2 Contrast Teaching Multi screen contrast teaching, to show the different steps of operation process. Or show the different learning results between different students. 2.3 Micro-lesson Recording Before class, teacher could make the record the mini lesson of demonstration to play in different class, to avoid repeat teaching. Record the real-time process or classical lesson in the class, to generate real-time teaching resources, students could also do the review after class. 2.4 Whiteboard Tool Bar With white board tool bar, which is convenient for teacher to give comments directly based on the computer screen or the presentation . 3. Advantage of the System 3.1 Compatible with a variety of live broadcast platforms The system can be used with a variety of live platforms on the market for distance learning classes, such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Facebook live etc. 3.2  Demonstrate the detailed process of operation The teacher can display demonstration operations such as writing, drawing, problem solving, etc., to share with online students, so  this intuitively  speed up their understanding of the course, so that the distance teaching can also achieve the effect of face-to-face teaching. 3.3 Multi angles display The equipment can be freely adjusted to 270 degrees or to 360 degrees, and can be switched freely from macro to A2 format to meet the teaching needs of different scenes. 3.4 Rich and convenient system functions The teacher can one-click back to the desktop and show the PPT, video and other teaching materials that have been done to enrich the content of the lesson, At the same time, the teacher can use the micro-lesson recording function to record the content of the lesson or key points into a micro-lesson with one click and share it to the students for review or preview.

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