• Laboratory Display Interactive Teaching System Solution
    1. Solution Introduction Laboratory Display Interactive Teaching System Solution provides a new student-centered interactive teaching mode. Through interactive teaching and learning, such as accessing any group’s instant operation process to share with the whole class, multi-screen contrasting teaching, instant generation of teaching and learning process, group teaching can be easily achieved while protecting students’ eyesight. In general, the Smart Lab Solution is cost-effective, easy to implement, compatible with a variety of multimedia classrooms, and simple to use. 2. Main Function 2.1 Physical Display Teachers can access any group’s operation process to display on the big screen and achieve the effect of explaining to the whole class through guiding one student, farewell to onlooker teaching, and improves teaching efficiency. Moreover, the system can reduce the contact between teachers and students, which helps to create a safe teaching and learning environment. 2.2 Contrast Teaching Teachers can choose 2, 4, 8 groups of students’ outcomes or video process images for comparison teaching, triggering thinking collision and improving students' creativity. According to students’ learning progress, the teacher can focus on explaining and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. 2.3 Arbitrary Retrieval Teachers can access any group’s operation process to display on the big screen, and students can share their operating process with the whole class, describe their ideas and insights, which stimulates students' learning enthusiasm and expression ability. 2.4 Micro-lesson Recording Teachers can record their own teaching process micro lesson at any time in the classroom, and can also record the wonderful moments of the classroom into micro lesson with one click to generate real-time teaching resources for students to preview and review. 3. Application Scenarios The system can be applied to laboratory applications scenarios and other scenarios, such as chemical laboratory, physics laboratory, biology laboratory, etc. Chemical Laboratory Physics Laboratory 4. Advantages 4.1 Easy to install The whole solution adopts wireless network deployment no wiring is required, and the system can be built in the original classroom without transformation. 4.2 Easy to operate The device can be operated by one button, and can be used after opening; the software interface is simple, the teacher can operate quickly without complex computer operation knowledge, simple and easy to use. 4.3 Easy to display, reduce contact The operation process of teachers and students can be arbitrarily transferred and displayed to the whole class, and comparative teaching can also be carried out between students. In this way, teachers and students can achieve interactive effects without contact. 4.4 Low cost and easy to popularize The solution is simple, no complex installation and low cost, which can help the rapid popularization of school smart classrooms.

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